Last weekend I bought myself some new clothes / shoes. I hadn’t in quite a while and was in need. I bought a pair of regular shoes, two pairs of pants, two short sleeve shirts, and a sleeping / thin hoodie. There’s a nice feeling when first wearing new clothes, especially when the previous ones were in bad shape.

My new shoes are leather step-in Skechers. They look nice. The foot bed fits my feet well but the soles are a bit firm. Maybe they’ll wear in, or maybe I’ll need to get some insoles. I tried on all of the Skechers step-in options at the two stores I tried that looked somewhat nice, but these seemed to be the best combo of fit, comfort, looks, and reasonable price.

My old shoes were also Skechers step-ins, but didn’t fit nearly as nice. They had been very cushy when I first got them, but the thick soles had warn pretty thin and they were starting to hurt my feet on long walks. They also didn’t fit as well. The heels would flop a little, like flip-flops, when I walked, and the foot-bed was wide and I’d sometimes turn my ankle stepping on uneven surfaces. The soles were starting to fall off at the fronts, and I had glued them a couple times but that always eventually failed. It was time, and that was my main impetus for the shopping trip.

My new pants fit fairly nicely and are comfortable, especially the one pair, which has some sort of slightly stretchy fabric. They both have the four regular pockets plus a watch pocket, which I consider a minimum for daily pants. I like cargo pants, but the extra pockets can also add to the bulk. I kind of like zip-off pants for summer wear, but the zippered part always seems to abrade my legs sometimes and make them less comfortable. I’ve now taken to rolling up the pants on warmer days.

I only really had one good pair of pants left that fit decently and didn’t have holes. I had been sewing and patching two pairs that I particularly liked, but they kept ripping or abrading more, and the patches ended up being a bit stiff and uncomfortable. I find it hard to find good fitting pants, and have gained a little bit of weight, maybe adding an inch or two in the waist, since back when I bought most of my pairs. So getting new pants was also quite helpful.

Some of my short-sleeve shirts have been wearing thin or getting holes. It was time to add a couple more that I like. I added a simple cotton t-shirt and a nice golf type polo, both green.

I got the hoodie mainly because my main hoodie now has holes at the elbows and a broken zipper, and I wanted something thinner for warmer weather wear. I hadn’t noticed at first that this was a sleeping hoodie, but I liked the idea and have now been wearing it as a pajama top. Comfortable and nice to have a hood to keep my head warm before bed. It’s some kind of weird infrared bolstering fabric. Sort of sounds like a snake oil thing, but I liked the hoodie and got it on discount for a good price.