I haven’t been able to upgrade composer with homebrew to version 2.7.7 (on Intel Mac). It says “SHA256 mismatch”, meaning the hash of the downloaded package doesn’t match what it’s supposed to. The hash I’m getting is aab940cd53d285a54c50465820a2080fcb7182a4ba1e5f795abfb10414a4b4be, but it should be 06e4c4bc6d32b8975174f4f4a0a93476d8907da92a1484c5a8ef138897a760e1. Not sure if someone just put in the wrong hash on homebrew’s end or if composer did an after the fact update or what.

I of course was able to do composer selfupdate, which is good because the update fixes security issues, but have had to manually list out all other packages when upgrading with homebrew since it otherwise stops at composer. If the issue doesn’t resolve itself soon then I’ll have to figure out how to file an issue for it with homebrew.