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The Case for DOM Element Insertion With CSS

CSS provides the “content” property for inserting content into documents, usually before or after elements. This can be bad if the content inserted is not strictly for presentational purposes, but when it is, it can be a very useful tool for changing a sites appearance with only CSS.

The property can be used to insert strings, images, even counters. Unfortunately, DOM elements cannot be inserted. Why would you want to insert DOM elements? Doesn’t that go against the separation of content and presentation even further than the “content” property already allowed?

Ideally, in marking up a document, one should not need to consider presentation at all, only the proper elements to stick a given block of content into. The CSS would be created separately and form those elements into any appearance desired. There are a lot of reasons this can’t currently be done, including sort order and hierarchy. Another is the limit of what is available to be styled in the HTML document.

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