Crash Dream

I had quite possibly my first car accident dream. Hopefully this isn’t foreboding. It was weird though, sort of like a video game in that my “camera” was behind my car, except down low, level with my eyes, so I couldn’t see the car ahead very well. Sometimes it would move closer like it was trying to meet up with my eyes, but then move back. The car ahead started slowing, so I did too, but then it started slowing faster than I could. My brakes were also weird, like I couldn’t press them down hard enough to make them slow like a real car. Just as I hit the car ahead, I awoke. There may have actually been a moment of post-crash reflection, but more of in a paused state just as contact was made: There was no impact or crumple or force.

Rain 2016

This last week, it has seemed to have rained more than it has for the entire previous months of the summer. Up until last Wednesday, it had been so dry that the grass has been brown and hadn’t grown enough in over a month for me to need to mow it. Plants my roommate had bought were struggling even with watering.

Then the rain started with a downpour last Wednesday and has fallen at least a little every day since. A summary interesting rain related things from the week:
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Figuring things out with this phonegap stuff. I will have to post some of what I’ve learned when I have more time. We’re just about to the point that we can submit the app and then make the rest of the changes we have left client side. I’ve never done the submission process. It looks a bit confusing with signing things with certificates / keys and using the clients’ developer accounts. Hopefully it won’t prove too difficult. I remember it taking a while for the iOS store at least and know we had some problems with rejections where we had to resubmit several times. Hopefully we don’t run into that now, especially since we’re on tight deadlines as is.

Struggling with PhoneGap:

  • had trouble with geolocation on iOS
  • wasn’t able to get cordova-icon or cordova-splash to work, or ‘config.xml’ icon configuration, so I had to manually put icons in place for now
  • struggled getting a coworker’s build working

Tomorrow, I get to work on the app submission part for the first time. Sounds like it will be a challenge itself. Wishing that PWA‘s had better support.

Ideas: Remotely hosted personal site with home data store that syncs as client

This idea is based on my Local + Proxy Remote Hosting for Personal Site idea, but attempts to mitigate some of its problems further.

In this setup, the website (most appropriate for personal indieweb type sites) will still have a remotely hosted and a home hosted component. The home server will be the single source of truth for data, but will not be remotely accessible. The remote server will have the full code and data to run the website and will handle all visitor request directly, using copies of the data from the home server. CUD changes can be done on the remote server, but they will be marked as ‘unverified’ or some-such. The home server can have a cron task or manually run script to make a request to the remote server, which will transfer changes between the two. The change request may also be run after each change is done on the home server, or after a certain interval following an update to batch send them. Some sort of key based system would be used to authenticate both ends.
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Going to the farm in Pennsylvania where my grandma grew up for a family reunion this weekend. Last year, I went for the first time since I was a little kid. There’s generally lots of food, some games played, and a big fire at night. As per tradition, some of us will be camping. I am thinking of using my hammock tent since the pole on my regular one-person is still broken. Probably won’t be good cellular reception.

GiveCamp 2016 done

GiveCamp 2016 is over. Another successful year. The new Cleveland Garlic Festival site is live. I didn’t do much on the site the final day besides for fix some URLs and move some files to help with the launch. I did break away to help another team fix some issues with image sliders on the homepage. Not just any team, but one doing some updates to the Cleveland GiveCamp website. I don’t believe those changes are live yet though. During this, I got to work a little while with my cousin’s friend Dara for the first time.

As usual this year, I recognized a number of people from previous years. My project manager was a project manager from a couple years ago. I talked to several of the people I’ve worked with in the past and have seen multiple years. There is definitely a networking aspect to the event. Some of the people I see at meetups and other events.
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GiveCamp 2016 day 2

Day 2 of GiveCamp is complete. My team is in quite good shape. We shed one member early on. I too left to be re-purposed, but that didn’t last long. I briefly helped one team determine that, after my attempt to help them hack a plugin, it was time to jump ship to another. They didn’t need my further assistance, and the organizers couldn’t find another place for me, so I went back to my original team. Another of our members went home early. Even at a relaxed pace and searching for things to do, we were able to complete their nice-to-haves and improve some things from their quick-setup state. Tomorrow should be easy.

The event of the day more present on my mind at the moment is that my tent pole broke. When I first lay down in it, I saw the pole going at a weird angle. I got out and pulled the fly partly off to find the pole split and rather sharp. The tent was standing alright, but, not wanting the pole to poke through the fly, I attempted to fix it. I spent like an hour between working on and thinking of a field repair. In the end, nothing really got the broken pieces to stay together when the pole was arched. Now I lay in a slightly tilted, wonky tent, tired My tent is a Eureka Midori, and this is the second Eureka I’ve had the pole break on. Neither had I used very many times, maybe a handful each. Disappointing.