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Sorting with `FIELD()` function in Doctrine

I recently needed to sort query results to match the order of IDs passed to it for use in a WHERE … IN() clause. In MySQL, this can be done using the FIELD() function in the ORDERY BY clause. For Doctrine, which doesn’t have the FIELD() function and doesn’t allow functions in the ORDER BY clause, there’s a little more work needed to make use of it.

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I found myself needing to get the path to the current script and its directory in a local Node JS script recently. In Common JS scripts, that is available by __filename or __dirname globals, but it isn’t available by the same means in ES modules. Instead, there is import.meta.url, which can be used to get at the directory name if needed, like:

const __filename = import.meta.url.replace(/^file:[\/]+/, '/');
const __dirname = __filename.split('/').slice(0, -1).join('/');