Keyboard troubles

I have a keyboard (the music kind, Casio CTK-671). I like to play it sometimes. It has, for a long time now, been difficult to turn on. Many times, the light and screen will come on, but the screen will be messed up in some way and keys won’t produce sound. I can keep turning it off and on and sometimes it will eventually work, but sometimes not. It has gotten worse over time, and is now to the point where I can rarely get it going. After like a week of not being able to get it working, I was considering getting a new one. Today, I finally got it running. I’m really considering just leaving it on long term, in spite of the electricity it’ll use.

The Planets + Sō

Saturday evening I went to see Akron Symphony perform Holst’s The Planets plus some other works, including a piece with Sō Percussion. I like The Planets and was glad to see it performed live, especially, as an EVN fan, Mars. The Sō / David Lang piece I found hard to follow and understand the apparent polyrhythms involved. The other pieces I liked well enough.

Akron Art Prize 2016

I went to see the art at Akron Art Prize yesterday. Today was the last day, so I wanted to get in before then. I spent some time looking through the many art pieces. I actually read the little description and gave a good look at nearly every piece. There were lots of interesting pieces, but several that especially caught my eye, in no particular order, were:

The event is one of Cogneato’s clients. We built both their website and the voting system. The voting system, which started as a web based SMS + website setup and migrated to a web-based phone app (PhoneGap with an API server) provided a lot of interesting experience, some of which I haven’t really had in other projects. This year’s primary challenge was figuring out how to get the PhoneGap part working and deployed, as the guy who used to do that left the company. I took some notes on the deployment part.