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Sign and submit PhoneGap app for iOS and Android

After some struggling, I got the PhoneGap app for the Akron Art Prize submitted to the iOS and Android app stores. Since it was a new thing for me and I wanted to ensure I could do it again, I took some notes on how to submit them to each store. I tried to do as much with the PhoneGap CLI as possible so it was easily reproducible from a git repo. Note that I used ‘cordova-icon’ and ‘cordova-splash’ for the PhoneGap-side assets, so I didn’t need to touch the platform folders beyond what is mentioned below.

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Figuring things out with this phonegap stuff. I will have to post some of what I’ve learned when I have more time. We’re just about to the point that we can submit the app and then make the rest of the changes we have left client side. I’ve never done the submission process. It looks a bit confusing with signing things with certificates / keys and using the clients’ developer accounts. Hopefully it won’t prove too difficult. I remember it taking a while for the iOS store at least and know we had some problems with rejections where we had to resubmit several times. Hopefully we don’t run into that now, especially since we’re on tight deadlines as is.

Library of Babel

Awesome, there is a digital version of the Library of Babel. Everything that you could ever write is in there, with some caveats. Caveats are that:

  • each book is less than or equal to 1,312,000 characters
  • it is in the English alphabet
  • all characters are lowercased
  • all non-alphabet characters removed except the space, period, and comma

Any searches would have to be translated to those specifications.

I found this through Jeremy Keith’s discussion of the anchor / link element.

The writings of Charles Dickens, Adactio, and myself can be found in there, many times over.