Hey fellow website makers: If you meta refresh to a generic JS message URL for your noscript users, they will see the same message, not your article, if they enable JS. They will then have to go back to the original link again, if they’re willing to put that much effort in to seeing your article. See this great ohio.com article for an example. That page variable might make you think, if they had a proper value, it’d take you to the proper page when JS is enabled, but no, there’s no JS on the page at all. Also, who is ‘Burlington Hawkeye’?

Akron Art Prize 2016

I went to see the art at Akron Art Prize yesterday. Today was the last day, so I wanted to get in before then. I spent some time looking through the many art pieces. I actually read the little description and gave a good look at nearly every piece. There were lots of interesting pieces, but several that especially caught my eye, in no particular order, were:

The event is one of Cogneato’s clients. We built both their website and the voting system. The voting system, which started as a web based SMS + website setup and migrated to a web-based phone app (PhoneGap with an API server) provided a lot of interesting experience, some of which I haven’t really had in other projects. This year’s primary challenge was figuring out how to get the PhoneGap part working and deployed, as the guy who used to do that left the company. I took some notes on the deployment part.