Very Variable Pay

Employees are paid only minimum wage at the base level. Performance based incentives pay for the rest of their wages/salary. Numerous different performance measures are used for each employee.
Profit is shared. This gives employees a sense of ownership and incentive to examine the whole business instead of just themselves. They will be more likely to pressure others in the organization to do a good job.
Group performance levels. Employees can be seperated into groups of multiple kinds: AM and PM; servers, cooks, bussers, etc.; groups containing a certain number of people from each department that will work together. These groups can be paid based upon performance standards such as control of each positions costs, sales and customer ratings at different times of day, and observed contributions of each individual to the organization (team will then be given incentive to pressure other group members to perform better).
Individual performance levels.
Performance rewards will vary depending on employee performance compared to specified levels for achieving specific goals. Higher performance yields higher rewards.