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Ideas: compute furnace

Furnace with a powerful computer system providing the heat. Will use compute cycles for scientific research or other social or personal purposes, running things like BOINC, Folding at Home, crypto mining, or rented “cloud” usage. Fans or liquid cooling systems will carry heat to a traditional forced air or water boiler system to distribute the heat throughout the home / building. System will increase or decrease CPU usage based on thermostatic control.

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Idea: layered E-ink plus transparent LCD screen

A fully transparent LCD screen would be layered over an E-ink screen. The LCD would provide a color display that can change rapidly for animations, video, games, etc. The E-ink would provide a low power, eye friendly display for text and other visuals not needing the LCD capabilities. The best of both worlds.

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Ideas: regions vote for governing state

Each state would be close to sovereign, with general freedom to create and enforce laws, choose and operate economic systems, run military organizations, etc. States would start as they are now, as geographic areas.

Each state would be divided into regions, such as the current counties, though preferably equal in size. Each region would have a nationally prescribed method of voting to switch to governing of another state.

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