Suicide Steps

there are three general steps one should take before committing suicide.

Suicide is a rather permanent choice, and thus one must be absolutely shure before committing to it. One should take three steps previous to commencing in order to ensure the decision is really wanted. These steps are long and involved and will be hard for a suicidal person to deal with, but they must be carried out with a full willingness and receptiveness to what the steps shall show. If these steps can be carried out with full diligence, only then may a person rightfully make the choice as to whether or not suicide is the best option. These steps will shine a light on possibilities and truths of life. The more significant the changes in each step, the better, and multiple instances of practicing each step are also significantly more effective. Time must be allowed in each step to get a feel for the changes and what they feel like to you: each step will take more time than the last, step 3 taking quite a while to really get a feel for the changes.

Step 1 – LIfestyle changes – In this step, the person will take parts of its lifestyle and change them to things it thinks will be better. Some of these, the person has probably been thinking about doing for a long time: now is the time to carry them out. Others must be thought of at the time of undertaking. These changes may include eating a healthier or more fulfilling diet, excercising more or less, socializing more, or having more sex; whatever the person desires. Do things differently, more like you want to. Don’t let worries about consequences hold you down, as you may be killing yourself later anyway.

Step 2 – Major life changes – The person will change the major facets of its life.


Old friends exchanged for new.

New spouse

Getting rid of (giving up for adoption) or having children

New job in a new career field

New hobbies

Committing some crimes or saving some lives

Step 3 – Complete change – In this step, the person will leave all that it has, without telling anyone from the previous life to where. The move must be far enough away to ensure extreme improbability of meeting people from former life. This is it, a chance to start a completely new life from scratch. There will be no people with memories of your former ways to tie you to that way of life. Make all choices based on what you feel will be most fulfilling.

Step 4 – Decision time – After partaking in all of the above steps, it is time to make a decision about life. If these steps have allowed you to find a life that you would enjoy living, then live it. If they haven’t, but they have given you a glimmer of hope, you may continue trying until you either find something that works or give up. If you still have no hope, then you are finally justified to off yourself.