current plans



Shelves to help organize stuff – one at top should be good


Under counter slide out counter

Near counter depth, right side width board of nice, cleanable counterlike material slides out from beneath counter, with strong heavy-duty top connect sliding tracks on side.

Will have replaceable cutting board materail over entire useable surface. Possible knife storage at one side or back. Possible slight downward tilt.


Try to get the hurricane 2 burner. Mount permanently in place, with small slide out catch tray beneath, above under counter counter.

Microwave Shelf

Look into putting shelf above counter, below cupboards, in small cubby just bigger than it. Must have adequate airflow space.



under porch, motion sensing lights with photocell turn on only at night, with adjustable timer. Use compact flourescent spotlight bulbs. will light for when coming home or leaving as well as for spending time on the porch. must be switchable offable, and preferably able to be turned on (switch off, on, auto).

storm door

foam insulation with waterproof, strong exterior sheathing, such as aluminum or painted hardboard. has lips all around facing that, when door is closed, seal tightly against door frame, with foam backing. foam backing is also on inside stop (where it normally is) for double protection. door is on tracks that allow it to be pulled straight out from doorway, then slid to the side against the wall.


screen will be roll up/pull out whole door cover kind like seen at lowes. will buy a durable fiberglass screen. will roll up on thin pvc pipe, inside another larger pvc pipe with slit along side for fiberglass to come through. ends of pipe will be capped with spring rotating device in center to hold screen rod. unattached end of screen will have pulling device along whole length that won’t allow screen to go into the tube, will connect (perhaps via magnet strip) to door frame on other side.

living room

boot bench

simple wooden bench with shoe/boot storage beneath for all (at least important) of my shoes as well as those of a few guests. board behind will go up behind back and hold coatrack.

solar collecter/table

for middle of living room. will store ‘tv’ and other items on top. base will be made of plastic drums colored black that will hold water, which will collect solar heat during the day and release slowly at night. must be easily drainable and fillable (must be able to drain and fill from kitchen sink, or dissassemble and use dolly to take to bathroom). Top will also be black, easy to clean surface, thin but durable. will have white cover for warmer days.

solar collecter screens

alternative or addition to above. black screens come down from ceiling – able to pull down desired distance to get desired absorption. fans may blow across to spread absorbed heat, which otherwise will likely not spread readily through house.