anti-Psychiatry (drug based)

I see there is a movement of anti-psychiatry. I generally agree with this movement and its premises. Diagnosis like sluggishly progressing schizophrenia are very scary to me. I fear being hospitalized based upon my state of mind. My mind is all that I have that will always be there, and I don’t want people messing around with it. I wouldn’t consent to taking drugs to modify it, and I certainly wouldn’t want someone else consenting for me.

The mind is very complex, well beyond the understanding of current scientists/doctors. It produces thoughts and elicits behaviours that, really, are who a person is. Many governments classify some of its problems as unallowable, essentially illegal states of being, and require unconsented treatment for these socially improper thoughts and behaviours. I agree that someone should be allowed to take medication or other similar treatments to attempt to fix their problems if they want to, but an outside mandate is an attack on the person.