Waste Handling

There should be a government, or perhaps commercially, run organization which handles any sort of good people no longer want. If you don’t want something, you either take it to one of their locations, or have them pick it up. They will take anything at all.

The organization will take all goods given to them and handle them through the appropriate channel.
-Recycleable goods will be sent to an appropriate recycling facility: goods such as styrofoams that are recycled in only select areas will be shipped in bulk to that area.
-Lawn debri and other compostable items will be sent to composting facilities to be used by local farms.
-Consumer goods still useable, such as old toys or electronics, will be resold in second-hand type stores or given to needy folks
-Construction material still useable will be made available to construction companies or to homeowners
-Any items that cannot be disposed of by any other reasonable means will be sent to landfills
The avenues through which each type of item is sent may either be run by the organization or through independant organizations that most properly fit the orgs needs.

The organization will need to be large spread to be economically feasable and be able to appropriately handle all types of goods. This is hard to do for startup independant companies. The org will likely have to be either an already established company that has the means to handle it, maybe even a consortium of several companies; or something like a state or federal government agency, or perhaps a consortium of local governments.

There would be charges for items the organization cannot make money off of appropriate to the costs incurred for that amount of that type of item. There will also be nominal fees for on-site pickup of items. For items the org does make money off of, the remainder of income after costs incurred by the org for handling it will be given to the discarder, either by an estimate based on similar items at the time of discarding, or later through some sort of well set up account system.