government provides info

Government needs to give info to the people, the people who need it, not just make it available in some document in a filing cabinet in a basement somewhere or posted on a cork board in a building few people go to. The more people given the information, the more people are liable to use it or follow its guidance. There is too much information the government has created for a person to be able to wade through it to find what applies to them, and this makes it far more difficult for people to do things.

Mailing Lists
Perhaps the government should provide one large list of the types of information they have in categories that people might be interested in them through, such as different occupations, types of residences, types of transportation. These lists would be available in townhalls or the like where people could easily access them (people should be made aware of where it is). People could go to this location and sign up for the ones they are interested, or remove themselves from ones they no longer are. They will then recieve mailings or emailings of all the laws, initiatives, and other relevant things the governemnt thinks would be of use to the people in that category. This should help people out tremendously in being informed, allow people to think about what their interests really are, and hopefully get people more involved with both the community and their field of interest.

School is a perfect place to begin providing information. They already do to some extent, but they really need to do a lot more. Schools are very focused on ‘academic’ stuff; they need to give better focus to things important to people, things to help them get jobs and to live their lives. As students grow older and make choices about what they want to do with their lives, schools should provide them with information related to their interests. Guidance counselers talk to students about what they want to do occupation wise and may provide a little insight into that occupation and into schools they may go to to learn about it; english classes have students research and write about these careers. Much more can be done. Guidance counselers should be able to provide students with a lot of helpful information on that career, perhaps packets. Libraries could have a career section with government prepared information on each of many categories of careers. Counselers should be able to point students in the direction of further resources.

Career/Government Information Libraries
Libraries and/or town halls could have a seperate libary with the government resources sorted into sections. New laws, initiatives, and other important things would be posted at a certain place in each section. People would be told where these libraries are and what resources are available for them there.

There are far too many laws, government services, and other government related things for a single person to know about even if they spend all their time researching these. One should not have to research them to find out about their existance. One should not have to fear being in violation of some small line in a giant law book somewhere without knowing it because they did not spend hours pouring over that book. One should not feel stuck in a crappy job and awful place because they don’t know that there are options available, including government help, to get them away from that. People given knowledge can use that knowledge to their advantage. If everybody is just given knowlege of how to succeed, without any effort on their part, then they will far more likely succeed than without it. They also must have the will and desire to succeed, but that is their own choice. If the government were to provide the keys to success to everyone, then everyone is a lot more likely to succeed.