congress and president money

Here are several ideas about money relating to the president and congressmen. They are not all directly releted, and some may negate others.

– these officials are paid the average salary of the people in the territory they represent. This will give them more reasonable wages. It will give them much more insentive to produce economic results.
– Alternativily, they are all paid the average salary of the entire United States. This would prevent them from supporting items that only benifit the area they represent.
– They are paid a fixed multiple of this average salary. Thus, they will still make a lot of money, but will also have the economic insentive to improve the economy

– they are paid no salary. They are already wealthy, and almost always have income coming in from elsewhere. It is government money that could be put to better use elsewhere.

– they may recieve no campaign funds. campaigns are set up and run in a fixed format for all candidates, payed for with tax dollars. Additional campaigning is up to them, or perhaps not allowed except for travelling and meeting people. This reduces peoples ability to influence the candidates with money.
– no one may give financial or other gifts to these people whatsoever. They may endorse them only. They may not run media adverts about them, but may be mentioned as endorsers by the candidates themselves.