Toby Now

My roommate has been out of town this week for work. It’s been me and the dogs. I got to work from home a couple days so I could feed them. Normally when I work from “home”, I actually work from the library, because my roommate doesn’t like me working from home. The dogs have been mostly good, though as usual they can be a bit demanding for attention.

Bought myself a few things earlier this week. Got my first ever electric razor (Phillips-Norelco PQ208). I’ve only used it once, but it seems like it’s going to speed up my shaving experience and make it more likely for me to do. Also, since I usually let my blades get rather dull before buying new ones, it will be less painful. It’s just a travel one, so it cost around as much as a 5 pack of blades for my former razor, the Mach 3.

I also bought another deck for a game I bought recently, Timeline. This one is Timeline Diversity, which is a fairly random collection of events. The idea of the game is to figure out where a given event with an unknown year happened relative to the already played events with known years. We’ve played it a couple times at cousin kids game nights. I’m a little worried that memorization will make it less re-playable than other games, but hopefully it won’t be bad once I add a few decks.

I’ve been craving watching Shaun of the Dead recently, and it isn’t available on the streaming source I have at my avail (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle, etc), so I decided to buy it. Decided to go for a bundle of it and two related movies, since I like the one I’ve seen and haven’t seen the other one. I intend to watch Shaun of the Dead with my brother this weekend along with helping him work on his house.

My brother bought a cheap house recently (his second), and I’ve been helping him most recent weekends. I helped tear out a wall to make a bigger living room. I helped some with a kitchen project of removing the floor to remove some rotten woo underneath and then put in new pieces. And I helped find and repair some leaks in the plumbing that involved cutting holes in the wall and floor (it’s a slab house with raised floor). It’s a nice small house with a big yard and basketball court. Yes, a basketball court, or at least a third of one (one hoop plus asphalt around the size of a three point arc). We’ve played a bit most times I’ve been over there.

To encourage myself to write, I think I’m going to do something similar to my The Happs posts on my web-dev focused blog wherein I just post a bunch of recent events or short thoughts. For now, I’m calling it ‘Toby Now’, though I was thinking of alternatives ‘The State of the Toby’ or ‘Toby Today’. Ultimately, I’d like this ‘log’ to support both long posts like this that have titles as well as short, untitled posts more like tweets. This should make it easy for me to put thoughts out there without having to think and organize and get something big enough for a post.