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Purchase: New laptop, Lenovo Yoga 7i

Last month, I finally bought a new laptop with plans to replace my aging 2009 Macbook as my primary computer. It is a Lenovo Yoga 7i, purchased from MicroCenter. It is a switch from Mac, which has been my primary OS for pretty much since I’ve been using computers, but it has touch screen and I hope to switch to the open world of Linux.

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Purchase: flannel sherpa lined robe

I finally bought myself an expensive but very warm and comfy bath robe, LL Bean’s sherpa lined flannel robe, the black watch color. I don’t think I’ve had a robe since I was a kid. I’ve considered getting one for years, but couldn’t find one in stores that didn’t look too cheap and thin or was too expensive. But the advantages finally won out and made an expensive one seem worth it.

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