Maximizing blindness in science

Organization created to separate out steps of scientific method to help prevent bias of knowledge. When submitting a step of the scientific method, it is handed off to an independent scientist unaware of who was involved with the previous step and of anything from steps other than the previous.

  1. Scientist asks question, submits.
  2. Scientist proposes theory for answering question, submits.
  3. Scientist makes prediction based on theory, submits.
  4. Scientist plots specific test to test prediction, submits.
  5. Scientist carries out test, submits results.
  6. Scientist examines results, attempts to draw conclusion(s), submits.
  7. All steps of process collected together, analyzed by scientist, submitted.
  8. Scientist attempts to replicate results, submitted.
  9. After certain number of runs through process, information released to scientist for meta-analysis, submitted.
  10. Scientist takes meta-analysis with knowledge of all steps contained within it, makes tweaks and submits back into pool, or considers final and submits on.
  11. Findings reviewed, results written up and released.

Note that submission of each step should go on to more than one independent scientist, thus making a tree that gets wider the further along the process it goes. Also note that, although it says ‘scientist’ at each step, that could mean a group of scientists.