My 10k Apart entry is now officially deployed, meaning it made it onto the gallery list (was on page 2, but disappeared again) and I have a URL to request an update. With the changes I’ve made recently, I sent a request, but it hasn’t updated in several hours. Maybe they basically redo the whole submission and that’s why I’m off of the gallery.

In other good news, it seems that the gzip compression problem I mentioned has fixed itself, and I once again have room to play with even without the weight reductions I’ve made. Perhaps some tweaks weren’t applied until it was fully deployed.

I’ve put a lot of my free time into this. I’ve kind of let other things slip a bit and have been getting less sleep than usual. I want to take a break, but I keep finding little tweaks that I can’t seem to let wait. So, I may leave some of my ideas be and relax a bit, if I can help it.