10k Apart: closed

The 10k apart contest closed last Friday. I got in a few updates to my entry the last day. Just a bit of polish. I added a readme afterwards with some info on things I did with the project, and now can return to my normal projects. I do want to get some blog posts up about some things I did with this one though, in more detail than the readme. I spent a lot of time on it. It was nice to be able to focus on a personal project so intently and play with some things I had been thinking about trying.

Apparently the contest got almost 400 entries. Pretty cool. There were 8 pages or less before the contest closed, but now there’s 22. I had been able to keep up with at least taking a quick look at each of them for a while, but now there are just so many, and I’m fatigued. May not get my vote in till the last minute.