GiveCamp 2018: Day two

I am quite tired, so I will be brief. I didn’t sleep well last night and am hoping to fare better tonight.

The project has gone much better than I expected. We got the basic functionality working and spent some time polishing features, add some nice-to-haves, and improving the appearance. The code isn’t that great from an architecture perspective, but came together in the time allotted and will do the job.

Had a bagel and blueberries for breakfast, a taco salad of sorts for lunch, and chicken, pulled pork, beans, and salad for dinner. We got some frozen custard for desert, which I’ve missed some years.

I saw some fireworks from afar atop the Lean Dog boat, probably at the Indians game. It’s quite breezy and feels really nice out, as it can be by the lake. Even in the tent it feels nice, although the walls are flexing back and forth quite a bit.