I decided to start up my old cell phone, a Motorola Droid 2. I was then reminded that at some point the touch on most of the screen stopped working. I don’t remember when or why at this point, but maybe that’s why I got a new phone (my current one).

Due to the touch problem, I couldn’t unlock the lock screen at all. Thanks to a forum post, I discovered that I could just put a magnet on the back to bypass the lock screen. Then, thanks to the physical keyboard, plus the little bit of the screen that touch worked on, I was able to operate it. It was a pain though, especially doing certain things, so I probably won’t be playing with it too much.

I visited my website with it. It had the simpler old browser styling, and was missing the SVG icons while still leaving space for them. I may look into fixing icon problem, but otherwise, it seemed fine. Browser testing was the main reason I kept the phone, and it can still manage that to some extent, albeit without really being able to test touch.