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Used SSL Labs’ SSL Server Test to analyze my site now that I have LetsEncrypt certificates installed. Got an A. The only things of note it mentioned were:

  • My HSTS is too short. It considers less than 180 too short. The cert isn’t even valid for 180 days (90 for LetsEncrypt). My HSTS is actually only one day, and I will probably leave it on the short side until I’m sure things are safe.
  • It is an SNI certificate, so it will not be supported by some old browsers. 94%+ is good enough for me when I still support HTTP.

Testing the Monty Hall problem

I have always had trouble understanding and even believing the proposition of the Monty Hall problem. It feels like it is proposing that the probability of past events affect the probability of future events, like suggesting that a coin landing on heads will be more likely to land on tails the next time. Rather, it’s about the information provided by the circumstances. I still don’t intuitively understand it, but at least I have now verified for myself that the proposed probability approximates outcomes. I have created a PHP simulation of the game and script to iterate it numerous times.

The code allows testing other numbers of doors and number of doors for the host to reveal. Increasing the numbers shows increasing odds. Even if Monty opens less than all but the remaining door (obviously requires more than three total doors), it still increases odds by switching.

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