I replaced my nearly eight year old car battery with an Interstate from Costco today. The old battery sure lasted a long time, but it had died once over the summer running a load for a while, then twice during this recent cold spell just sitting. It was time.

The decent ones at the normal car parts stores seemed expensive, so I found the Costco ones with a reputable name for surprisingly cheap (less than $80 before taxes and core charge). I didn’t have a Costco membership, so I had to seek the assistance of my dad, who had one and was kind enough to pick up the battery for me, have me come over to his garage, and help me replace it. He will take the core back at his leisure.

The starter had noticeably more power with the new battery. The old one had been sounding a bit weak even when it started the car fine. Hopefully this new one will hold up to the next cold spell, and many more to come.