Git info alias

I do a lot of management of work and personal projects with git. I’ve been making shell and gitconfig aliases to make things that I do often quicker or to store logic of things that I won’t remember easily. One recent one that I really like is a git info (or g i) alias that shows status and a number of other bits of information about the repository quickly with one command. I’ve been using it in place of status most of the time.

My gitconfig (~/.gitconfig) in my dotfiles contains something like:

    info = !"cd -- ${GIT_PREFIX:-.} && ( \
        echo '==stat' && git status -sb ; \
        [[ $(git rev-parse HEAD 2> /dev/null) != 'HEAD' ]] && echo '==branches' && (git for-each-ref --color --format='%(color:red)%(HEAD) %(color:reset)%(refname:lstrip=-1)%(color:reset);%(color:green)%(committerdate:format:%y%m%d-%H%M)%(color:reset);%(if)%(push)%(then)[%(color:red)%(upstream:lstrip=-2)%(if)%(upstream:track)%(then) %(color:reset)%(upstream:track)%(end)%(color:reset)] %(end)%(subject)' --sort -committerdate refs/heads/ | column -t -s ';') ; \
        [[ $(git remote -v) ]] && echo '==remotes' && git branch -r --color && git remote -v ; \
        [[ $(git rev-parse HEAD 2> /dev/null) != 'HEAD' ]] && echo '==commits' && git --no-pager log --date=format:'%y%m%d-%H%M' --pretty=format:'%C(green)%cd: %C(reset)%s %C(bold brightblue)<%an> %C(brightyellow)%h %C(reset)' -5 --color && echo '' ; \
        [[ $(git stash list) ]] && echo '==stashes' && git stash list --color --pretty=format:'%C(yellow)%gd %C(green)%cs%C(reset): %<(70,trunc)%gs' ; \
        [[ $(git tag -l) ]] && echo '==tags' && (git for-each-ref --color --count 5 --sort -creatordate --format='%(color:bold green)%(refname:short)%(color:no-bold brightyellow) %(if)%(*objectname)%(then)%(*objectname:short)%(else)%(objectname:short)%(end)%(color:reset) %(creatordate:short)' refs/tags) ; \
        [[ $(git submodule status) ]] && echo '==submodules' && git submodule status \
        ) | less -FrSX"
    i = info

This shows the short status and then several other sections only if they have any information. The other sections are: branches, remotes, commits, stashes, tags, and submodules. The output might look something like:

`git info` command shows basic info about git repo

This provides most of the basic info about the current state of the repo that I often need at a glance.

I spent some time getting things formatted as I wanted, with the balance of conciseness and verbosity to my liking. I will likely tweak it further as I use it more.