Covid shot 3

I got my covid booster vaccine. I wasn’t planning on doing so quite yet, but they offered it during a regular doctor appointment, so I took it. I had just been thinking that it made a lot of sense to offer them at doctors visits to simplify getting them, and here they are, doing so.

I got the same type as my original shot, Pfizer/Biontech. The shot didn’t hurt much, just a little prick. It was quick getting it right there. The nurse thanked me for getting it, demonstrating the industry desire to get it in more people and slow the covid hospital surge. My arm is sore, but I haven’t experienced any other definite side effects. I felt a little tired, had a minor headache for a bit, stuff like that, but those aren’t that unusual for me.

Glad to have it out of the way. Hopefully it helps.