I updated to Mac OS Monterey (12.5) finally. It went smoothly but I’m still working through getting some of my dev software updated and working. The OS update most likely took a good hour (I left it go for longer than that). For my dev work, I had to update XCode CLI tools, homebrew and all of its packages (took a long time), and VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is working but I’m having problems with it and its virtual networking that are preventing it from being useful at the moment. I read that IPs must now be set to 192.168.56.*, which seems to be pingable, but won’t accept HTTP or SSH connections. More to do there.

Monterey has removed any built in version of PHP, so I’m now stuck with the homebrew version. That bumps me up from PHP 7 to 8. That may cause some issues, but things seem alright so far. If I do run into issues I may try installing a previous version with homebrew.

As usual, the OS provided a giant blob of legal text. Luckily I was able to copy it to a file and compare it to the file I had saved from Big Sur, then diff them by running git diff --color-words -w 11.txt 12.txt. There was almost nothing substantially different from before.