A couple branches of the big tree behind my yard have cracked, swung down, and are now dangling. I’d say they are maybe 20 feet long and a couple inches or so in diameter at the top. Most of them is small well leafed branch but I imagine they’re still quite heavy. They just missed hitting my garage (as far as I can tell since it’s dark). I hope when they finish falling they don’t swing toward the garage with the heavy end. I’ll have to look and see if I can do anything with them tomorrow in daylight.

It was not windy or anything when they fell. It has been raining a lot over the past several weeks though with some windy days.

This is the same tree that had a branch break a few years back and I had to have the park (my neighbors who own the tree) to get that removed and some of the nearby branches cleaned up. Hopefully it doesn’t keep falling apart.

Before the branches fell, I was hearing some loud noises from the back yard. At first it sounded like someone was back there doing something, so I turned on my back light. I didn’t see anything though. The sound kept happening and got louder. It sounded almost like someone was pounding on the trees or something. Since I had turned on the light and was looking out for the source of the noise, I actually saw the branches swing down.