The branches that had broken in my back yard fell down the next day without incident. I let them sit for a while, then chopped them up.

I used a hatchet to chop off some of the small branches and clean things up a bit, then used a saws-all and an electric pole chain saw. The pole chain saw was meant for trimming branches up high, so it was a bit awkward for stuff on the ground. It went very fast though, except occasionally it would get stuck from spinning and I’d have to come in from the other side or just snap off the rest.

My neighbor came over while I was chopping and said that I should have the park come and do it since it was their try. He tried to convince me for a while, but could see I was wanting to finish it myself, so finally helped me somewhat. I was going to chop it all up into small sections to add to my firewood pile, but he had me make bigger cuts and put it back into the forest from whence it came.