Traffic posts

Pedestrian traffic incident

I parked my car across the street from my destination and put some money in the meter. There was only a little bit of traffic, but spaced out enough that I decided to not walk directly across the street and instead make my way to the cross walk, which was just a couple building widths away. I made it there just as the orange man was counting down on the sign across the street, so I waited. Our traffic laws demand a lot of waiting of us.

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Stop Signs

There should be almost no stop signs. In their place should be special yield signs. With these, drivers would be required to slow down to a point of speed at which they can determine the existance of oncoming traffic. If there is no traffic that has the right of way, they have no need to stop, but may continue on. If there is, they must stop until all traffic with a right of way has passed, like a normal stop sign. Most lights at the meeting of a low traffic street would be set on blinking red, which would also have the significance of the special yield sign.