heating device

heating device for heating water, air

water-on demand water heating-will fire up when hot water drawn through

-70°F raise @ 2+ gpm

air-radiated heat will heat air through floor

-steam radiating tubes ran throughout floor, insulated below

-thermostats in each room send signals to control unit, opening valves to desired level for heating pars in each room [ex. turn up heat in bathroom to take shower: device produces more heat, valve opened more for bathroom (if valve max opened, all other valves close some)]

-always on method- heat output = heat loss continuosly

-outside temp monitor compared to desired inside temp and estimated insulation of house/loss through air ventilation system to calculate needed heat output, adjusted automatically as temperatures move away from desired levels (heat loss = loss through inulation + loss through ventilation + adjustment value).

-stainless steel construction allows to prevent rust from condensation of combustion, thus allowing it to not need to run at higher temperatures to prevent condensation like conventional furnaces do.

burners variable heat output from near zero to 70°F raise for water at 2 gpm and 70°F raise for air throughout house at same time.

burners run continuously to make up for heat loss in winter, fire up further to fill water heat needs when water run.

in summer, turns off until water run. pilotless-electic ignition