Finder more useful

in finder: create new file by hitting command-n. type in name with extension, opens editor of that extension set in preferences with new file with that name. also enter in keywords describing new files contents. based on setup, system will know “where” to put file: example – create a new file, type in keywords Lizard Bobson; system knows file is for Bobson account in work ‘folder’.

for every file extension, there is a systemwide set default editor and default viewer. If file opened for viewing, opened in view mode, in which viewing tools are available, editing tools generally disabled. If opened for editing, editing tools are made available and viewing tools are hidden/made less available.

Example: text editor viewing mode – up down left right arrows move view (up, down, page up, page down). character keystrokes do find for typed characters.

text editing mode – up down left right move input/editing cursor. keystrokes type text.