10k Apart: Updated

I got an update link for my 10k Apart project on the 22cnd. I already had some updates committed, so I soon-after clicked the link. It wasn’t until yesterday that the update finally applied. So it was quite a relief when it finally did. The basic functionality was already there, but I had made several fixes to content, style, performance, functionality, and bugs.

That first update request I let sit for several days, hoping it was just taking a while. I tried a few more times after that. Each time, my entry would disappear from the gallery for a while, then reappear, but still be the same as it had been. All along, I had an inkling of what the problem was, but was getting no feedback. I had done some history rewriting in git to keep a clean history, and I’m assuming their deploy method was just an unforced pull, and didn’t like that. For the final, working request, I went back and figured out which commit I would’ve been on when it first deployed, removed all history after that, and rebuild from another branch in a way that wouldn’t require a force-push. Since it worked that time, I assume that was the problem.

There’re only two days left for the contest. I still have some things I’d like to do, but probably won’t attempt the more involved ones. The ones I might try to get in are: a restart button to go back to tick 1, if I can find a way to fit it; try to improve reflow performance; try to shave any bytes I can. Since the update process still took perhaps half a day when it worked, I’ll probably do what I can and submit the last request by the end of day tomorrow. Then it’s done, and I can move on to the next phase: looking more closely at other entries; writing some blog posts; writing a readme and adding a license to the project repo.