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I Ohio voting in democrat primary

Today, “I Ohio voting”. I got in just about at the last minute. This time, for the first time ever, I took a party ballot for voting in a primary. I dislike the two-party system and how limited our choices are with effectively two not-so-dissimilar options. I think regardless of who is elected, more things that I dislike will come to pass politically than things I like. I don’t really want my name associated with either of the large, powerful parties that control this country. However, I kinda like what Bernie Sanders brings to the table, as compared to the other options. He was an independent for a long time, and still has that feel, at least as much so as a candidate can in this political environment. He’s down, but not out, so I figured I’d give him a tiny bit of help with a vote.

Force multiple candidates

Each party must field in final election a number of candidates based on the percentage of support the party recieved in the previous election for that race. It could be that a candidate must be fielded for each 105 of support. This would be a minimum. Larger elections that can field more candidates, such as presidential elections, would have a higher number of required candidates than smaller ones, such as local elections in small towns, which may be able to field only one per party or not even have party affiliations.

This would give a wider range of choices in the final election. It would also force the big two to divide their forces, giving independent candidates a better chance while keeping the same elections style.